Sonatus Joins SOAFEE To Accelerate The Evolution Of Software-Defined Vehicles


Sonatus has joined The Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE), a group of automakers, semiconductor suppliers, open source and independent software vendors, and cloud technology pioneers. The project’s goal is to produce a cloud-native architecture that is upgraded for mixed-criticality automotive applications, as well as open-source reference implementations that can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The different viewpoints and skills of SOAFEE’s members, which include ARM, AWS, Bosch, Cariad, and Woven Planet, provide the organisation its power and promise. Sonatus adds to the company a unique approach to software-defined vehicle development, backed by the experience of its staff in both the IT and automotive industries.

“Our mission at Sonatus is to empower automakers with complete control over the architecture needed to build and operate software-defined vehicles, which aligns closely with SOAFEE’s objective,” said Jeffrey Chou, Co-founder and CEO of Sonatus. “We’re proud to join SOAFEE and bring our expertise in software-defined technologies to the community to help accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry.”

Sonatus and SOAFEE both believe in the benefits of open source software and the promise of service-oriented architectures to change the way automakers produce software.

“Perhaps the biggest benefit of software-defined vehicles is the ability to enhance their functionality and add new features post-production; service-oriented architectures built for seamless integration will allow OEMs to do that much faster,” said Yu Fang, Co-founder and CTO of Sonatus. “We’re excited to lend our software-defined technologies expertise to SOAFEE and champion the next era of automotive software innovation.”


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