A New Job Portal Dedicated To Open Source Jobs Is Now Live


There are numerous job portals for technologists online. Dice, The Ladders, and Crunchboard are among them. However, while there are open-source applications for job sites such as Jobberbase, there are just a few open source job sites. Now, Open Source JobHub is attempting to become The Site for Open Source Technology Jobs.

The new worldwide employment board was launched by Linux New Media USA, the open source publishing business behind Linux Magazine and FOSSlife, to assist people find their place in the global open source economy.

There are jobs available. In its 2021 Open Source Jobs Report, the Linux Foundation and edX, the premier massive open online course (MOOC) provider, determined that there is more need for top open source professionals than ever before. Aside from that, 92 percent of managers are having difficulty locating enough talent, and many are having difficulty keeping their existing senior open-source employees.

These are well-paid positions. Between January 2019 and June 2021, employment-search platform Hired evaluated over 525,000 interview requests and 10,000 job offers, finding that the average US tech wage had risen to $152,000. According to Payscale, even low-level Linux system administrators can earn $76,880 per year.

It’s difficult to find these roles, whether you’re a developer, engineer, manager, marketing, or community manager. On the other hand, businesses are experiencing difficulty recruiting qualified employees. Open Source JobHub can help with that.

“Open Source JobHub not only covers jobs using open source technologies, but also other roles such as sales, marketing, and management at companies dedicated to open source. Our goal is to give the global open source community a specific platform through which to make career connections,” said  Brian Osborn, Linux New Media’s CEO.

Open Source JobHub has already received job ads from launch partners such as CloudLinux, Collabora, SUSE, and TUXEDO Computers.

“At Collabora, our focus has always been to promote open source technologies, whether that be our own Engineers, who are some of the most motivated and active contributors to open source,  or our non-technical staff covering multiple departments. Open Source JobHub will allow the further promotion of open source by increasing awareness within the industry,” said Ben Toynton,  Collabora’s Technical Recruiter.

Employers can publish up to five positions for free during the debut phase. To learn more, send an email to Open Source JobHub.


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