The Open Source Monitoring Of VictoriaMetrics Achieves New Milestones


VictoriaMetrics has announced that its user base has surpassed 51 million, putting it ahead of competitors like Prometheus and GrafanaLabs. As the demand for cost-effective, high-performance, scalable monitoring grows at organisations flooded with increasing volumes of data and analytics, users have flocked to its open source and enterprise products.

VictoriaMetrics, which began as a solution to address scaling concerns with popular monitoring solutions, currently has technical teams at the edge messaging network Ably, worldwide online game platform Roblox, and a major online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform Semrush.

VictoriaMetrics has achieved numerous milestones in the last year to deal with the enormous development in time series data use cases and the difficulty of monitoring them. These include adding big new logos to its customer base, obtaining ISO/IEC 27001 cybersecurity certification, and establishing sales profitability, something many open source firms fail to do. The VictoriaMetrics time series database has received 50 million Docker Pulls, 1 million GitHub downloads, and 6,000+ GitHub Stars as a result of user demand.

“This has no doubt been a coming-of-age year for VictoriaMetrics,” says Roman Khavhronenko, Co-Founder of VictoriaMetrics. Our products are equipped to service modern DevOps teams and database developers, and we have yet to see a use case that we couldn’t handle. While we are pleased with our swift progress, there is still much to be done.

“We’re all too familiar with the issues people face on the front line of tech, and our buzzing open source community helps us consistently iterate to serve the market. So, if you are in tech infrastructure, watch this space. We have the technical skills, motivation, and resources to solve your problem. And, with open source, there is nothing to pay to add us to your capabilities.”

VictoriaMetrics has built a tsunami of new features for its free and enterprise solutions as part of its commitment to future-proof businesses against escalating demands for data measurement and monitoring. Among them are:

– AWS has launched a world-class Managed VictoriaMetrics service.

– Multi-level downsampling, which will allow organisations to access historical data storage with minimum disc space.

– Improvements to popular DevOps technologies like Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB, and Kafka.


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