OpenTelemetry And WebAssembly Plugins Now Supports Fluent Bit v2


The open source observability project Fluent Bit recently achieved three billion downloads and installations, making it one of the most valued projects in the category.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project for the collecting, processing, and distribution of logs, metrics, and traces, Fluent Bit v2, has been released, according to Calyptia, the company that developed and maintains Fluent Bit and Fluentd. Major cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Azure have deployed Fluent Bit over three billion times, and Fluent Bit v2 offers significant new observability integrations with full support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus Metrics, and enhanced flexibility with WebAssembly plugins.

Fluent Bit’s new OpenTelemetry integration enables users to record OpenTelemetry traces, metrics, and logs as well as route data to any OpenTelemetry compliant endpoint in light of the development and standardisation of OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing. Additionally, this routing makes use of the OpenTelemetry protocol. Fluent Bit can also be used to retrieve and route that data in native Prometheus format since millions of users are running Prometheus and OpenMetrics in production. Fluent Bit’s dedication to being the vendor-neutral solution for business observability pipelines is strengthened by these additions and integrations.

Modern cloud-native applications generate enormous volumes of telemetry data, which Fluent Bit is used to collect, analyse, and then distribute to different other applications and systems for storage and analysis. Fluent Bit has always supported rival industry telemetry standards and allowed users to freely interoperate in the quickly developing observability market by adopting a vendor-neutral approach to the systems and applications it integrates.

A new tool called Tap is also part of the new release, and it lets customers view in real time exactly how their observability data is changed at any point along the way. By enabling developers to expand Fluent Bit by creating plugins in Go or WebAssembly, Fluent Bit v2 also enhances the developer experience (Wasm). Performance improvements and enhanced security settings that permit data encryption across the entire data pipeline are additional upgrades.


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