The Linux Foundation May Soon Build Its Own Open Source Metaverse Equivalent


The goal of Linux Protectors is to create a positive metaverse. Through the Foundation, the goal is to work together to discuss, pinpoint and create the building blocks to transform the emerging concept of the Metaverse into a reality.

The Linux Foundation has revealed intentions to create an open-source metaverse that, if businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs work together to achieve common objectives, may be “as impactful as the World Wide Web,” according to the Linux Foundation.

The aptly called Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) has been divided into a number of organisations that it refers to as Foundational Interest Groups, each of which is intended to concentrate on a distinct subject. They encompass, among other things, transactions, virtual environments and simulations, networking, security and privacy, and law and policy.

It’s obvious that cooperation and cooperation are what we need to assure security and stability in an online environment that, to this day, remains mostly unexplored as work on the foundation of an open-source metaverse gets under way.

Additionally, the Linux Foundation has a large portfolio of projects aimed at harmonising technology, including the recently unveiled OpenWallet Foundation, which aims to address the (lack of) interoperability between digital wallets. The Linux Foundation is intended to be a neutral environment for developers to share code and collaborate on novel ideas.

“We’re still in the early days of the vision for an open Metaverse, and we recognize that many open source communities and foundations are working on vital pieces of this iterative puzzle,” OMF executive director Royal O’Brien states in an announcement.


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