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Red Hat Introduces An Application Connectivity Solution Independent Of The Cloud


Open source solution provider Red Hat has introduced Red Hat Service Interconnect, which makes application security and connectivity across platforms, clusters, and clouds simpler.

Red Hat Service Interconnect, which is based on the open source project Skupper.io, gives developers the ability to more easily establish secure connections between services, applications, and workloads across environments without the need for laborious network configurations or higher security credentials.

By 2025, 75% of firms will select technology partners that can offer a consistent application deployment experience across cloud, edge, and dedicated environments, predicts industry analyst firm IDC.

The demand for flexible, compliant connection at the application layer is increasing as application architectures change to benefit from the open hybrid cloud. AI/ML applications are examples of distributed workloads that can run in on-premises, edge, and cloud environments. The requirement for line-of-business applications to connect to services and data across various infrastructure environments, such as clouds, is growing.

The coordination needed between developers, network administrators, and security administrators to perform complicated network changes required for trusted connectivity on a per-application basis hinders developer productivity and innovation velocity.

Red Hat Service Interconnect enables developers to add secure, robust connectivity between applications operating on any Kubernetes cluster, virtual machine, or bare-metal host, which helps address cross-platform and multi-cloud communication concerns. Any infrastructure environment, from on-premises data centres to the edge and public cloud, can use these connections. Developer teams can connect applications more rapidly as a result without requiring elevated rights or sophisticated networking abilities, increasing application development velocity while upholding security standards.

Red Hat Service Interconnect can be used by customers as part of their hybrid and multi-cloud strategy to transfer their applications between infrastructure platforms, between cloud providers, or to upgrade existing applications to cloud-native designs. By enabling transparent application connection migration across source and destination platforms, Red Hat Service Interconnect lowers application downtime. The result is operational efficiency for the application and network teams as well as the ability to centralise compliance and risk management. Red Hat Service Interconnect is already being used by customers, such as Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank), to speed up the conversion of current applications to cloud-native architectures.

Red Hat Service Interconnect was utilised by ANZ Bank to more securely connect apps across environments, allowing developer teams to move them whenever they were ready without requiring privileged access or relying on network operations. This led to a smooth transition to the most recent OpenShift version and an enhanced development experience with little impact on customers.



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