Musique Music Player Revamped with Qt 6, Sporting a Sleek UI Overhaul


Musique Music Player, the stalwart open-source desktop music player, re-emerges with a Qt 6 facelift, unveiling a sleek UI refresh. A nod to simplicity and speed, this update brings a modern aesthetic while maintaining its no-frills approach.

In a noteworthy comeback, the enduring open-source desktop music player, Musique, introduces its first major update in almost three years. The latest version, Musique 1.12, showcases a refined look, thanks to a transition to Qt 6, with a key emphasis on modernising the user interface.
Developer Flavio Tordini explains the overhaul, stating, “This Musique update is the first Qt 6-based release I do. The main effort has been modernising the look of the app: a more flat and clean style, with rounded artist pics and a nicer toolbar.”
Musique, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, maintains its essence as a straightforward music player. Users can point it to a folder of audio files, allowing easy browsing of albums, artists, and genres, along with search and play functionalities.
The most conspicuous change in Musique 1.12 lies in its flatter user interface. The update presents a seamless design, eliminating the separation between the toolbar and library areas, offering users a clean and contemporary experience.
The app certainly has a flatter look in the latest build, with no separation between toolbar and library areas, giving it a very clean (almost libadwaita-esque) look. Shame about the non-native window controls, but some tough choices are always warranted.
The player’s info view undergoes a redesign, centralising lyrics and introducing zoomable text, enhancing accessibility and customisation.
The move to Qt 6 not only brings a refreshed aesthetic but also enables Musique to adapt seamlessly to dark mode preferences across different operating systems, with a caveat on Ubuntu with GNOME requiring an app restart for the changes to take effect.
Despite minor hiccups such as the absence of window shadows on specific setups and dark mode requiring a restart on certain configurations, Musique remains a steadfast choice for Linux enthusiasts. Its simplicity, swift performance, and thoughtful features continue to make it a notable contender in the music player landscape.
For those eager to experience the revamped Musique, the latest version can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, or Linux from the project website. Tech-savvy users can explore the source code on the Musique GitHub page, with Ubuntu users advised to download a DEB installer compatible with Ubuntu 23.04 or later due to libmpv version changes.


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