Pano Clipboard Manager Adapts to GNOME 45 Landscape

Pano Clipboard Manager Adapts to GNOME 45 Landscape

In a Linux world clamouring for attention, Pano quietly excels. Its unassuming update, now syncing with GNOME 45, reaffirms the power of practical enhancements over flashy features.
Linux users embracing Pano Clipboard Manager are in for a functional treat as the GNOME Shell extension now seamlessly supports GNOME 45 and Ubuntu 23.10. This update brings pragmatic enhancements, steering clear of hyperbole.
Pano v22, while unassuming, introduces pivotal features to elevate user experience. Now, users have the flexibility to position Pano—top, left, right, or bottom—tailoring its appearance. Font customisation and a subtle wiggle animation on content updates contribute to the user-friendly interface.
The update doesn’t neglect practicality. Users gain control over window position settings and can personalise the interface with icon-pack selection. Pano’s repertoire extends to existing features: excluding apps, resizing content previews, and customising keyboard shortcuts.
Installation simplicity remains intact; Pano can be sourced from the GNOME extensions website. Ubuntu users can opt for the Extensions Manager desktop app from Ubuntu repos or Flathub. Vital to note, Ubuntu users must install libgda and gsound packages—sudo apt install gir1.2-gda-5.0 gir1.2-gsound-1.0—to ensure Pano’s seamless functionality.
In conclusion, Pano Clipboard Manager’s understated update provides a practical uplift. Its unpretentious improvements, now aligning with GNOME 45, reinforce its position as a reliable clipboard manager for GNOME desktop users, blending functionality with simplicity.


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