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Spirent joins Linux Foundation Networking Fund

Spirent Communications has joined the Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN). As a result, it has become the first test solution vendor to support the...

Telstra to prove ‘Open Telco Experiment’ exist!

Telstra has revealed the existence of open telco experiment. Pursuing the same, it will combine elements from at least three open source software projects....

Open source networking projects get more collaboration

The Linux Foundation has announced the LF Networking Fund, or LFN. This initiative aims to combine the multiple open source networking projects currently under...

Bell Canada implements first automation ONAP

As part of the telco's Network 3.0 transformation initiative Bell Canada has implemented its first automation use case using the Linux Foundation's Open Network Automation...

NFV: Redefining Network Infrastructure

  Network Function Virtualisation or NFV aims to transform the way network operators architect their networks, by evolving standard IT virtualisation technology to consolidate many...

VMware joins Open-O to construct NFV future

VMware has joined the Linux Foundation-backed Open-O project to set the future of network functions virtualisation (NFV). The new development is aimed to bring...