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Storage Solutions Made Easier with New Switches and Management Software

This week Cisco introduced two new 32G Fibre Channel switches and management software designed, to its storage family that will help customers manage and...

Linux Foundation’s OpenSDS project addresses storage management challenges

The Linux Foundation has announced the launch of its OpenSDS project. This new open source offering is aimed to address software-defined storage integration challenges...

Storage Management using Openfiler, Part 4

In the previous article in the series on Openfiler, we discussed configuring RAID. Here, we will proceed with the installation and configuration of iSCSI....

Storage Management using Openfiler, Part 3

The first article of this series discussed basic installation and configuration; the second described some advanced Openfiler features including bonded interfaces and RAID 1...

Storage Management using Openfiler, Part 2

The first part of this series gave readers step-by-step instructions to build Openfiler from scratch. This second part covers two additional important features of...

Storage Management using Openfiler, Part 1

Many companies use the file-sharing features of a popular proprietary desktop operating system. The main constraint is the limit on simultaneous connections to a...