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Open source and Internet of Things (IoT) are two of the youngest but divergent fields in the tech world. But Basho Technologies is on a move to bring both of them together with an all-new version of Riak TS database.

Basho Riak TS version 1.3 is touted to be the “only enterprise-grade NoSQL database” that has been optimised for IoT technologies. For an enhanced experience to developers, it comes in an open source form where you as a developer can not just download the software for free but can also tweak its code and develop new applications with time-series data.

“I’m really excited about what we’ve been able to deliver in Riak TS 1.3. However, this is just the beginning,” writes Dave McCrory, CTO, Basho, in a blog post. “The time-series market is quite broad, and there are more than a few very interesting needs in the time-series market that we are looking to address. In addition to being a fantastic general purpose time-series solution, we have specifically chosen to focus on IoT. IoT has a number of requirements that fall outside of what a general Time Series database provides.”

Seattle-based Basho released the first version of its Riak TS in October last year. Although the initial release was aimed to the proprietary market, its new version is designed as an open source solution that brings time-series data solution for IoT. The new database additionally expands support for SQL commands and comes with an API support as well as a multi-cluster replication.

Time-series data solution is vital for IoT as it marks data with a timestamp for sources such as sensors. “A very common goal is implementing tools built for operational efficiency. Especially as data variety grows — in the form of unstructured, often time-stamped IoT data — deriving value from data more quickly and at lower costs will be paramount for competitive advantage,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst, ESG, in a statement.

Riak TS is not exclusive to customers opting open source. It is also available to commercial customers who want to perform the associated queries and transactions on time-series data at the time of maintaining high availability and scale.

Based on Riak Core, the new Riak TS version is claimed to have a “masterless architecture” that offers operational simplicity and high availability. There is also Apache Spark integration that brings integral support for Spark Streaming, DataFrames and Spark SQL.

You can install Riak TS version 1.3 directly on your data centre or on a public cloud infrastructure. Alternatively, AWS Amazon Machine Images (AMI) will also be available for the time-series data solution to let you experience its presence from your AWS Workplace.


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