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Using MongoDB to improve IT performance of enterprises

This article targets developers and architects who are looking for open source adoption in their IT ecosystems. The authors describe an actual enterprise situation,...

MariaDB launches a new enterprise-focused open source database

  MariaDB Corporation has announced the launch of MariaDB TX 2.0, an open source database solution specifically targeted at enterprises. The company has incorporated its...

RethinkDB joins the Linux Foundation months after its formal departure

The Linux Foundation has expanded its focus in the open source world by adding RethinkDB. The database had formally exited the market in last...

Attic Labs develops open source Noms database

Attic Labs has announced that it has developed open source Noms database to deliver an experience similar to projects like Git and Camlistone. The...

An Overview of Open Source Databases

The ever increasing volumes of data, which are a by-product of modern life, require efficient methods for their management and retrieval. Open source databases...

Basho brings open source Riak TS database for IoT

Open source and Internet of Things (IoT) are two of the youngest but divergent fields in the tech world. But Basho Technologies is on...