Azure Command Line v2.0 brings added benefits to server administrators

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Microsoft Azure CLI 2.0

Microsoft has released Azure Command Line (CLI) v2.0 with the ability to help administrators easily configure and manage cloud services. The new version is now generally available for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Azure CLI 2.0 lets users combine bash and native commands. Hence, it offers a native feel to developers who used command line interfaces on platforms such as Linux or macOS. Additionally, the combination of bash and native commands is aimed to deliver efficient results to developers.

“The new version of Azure CLI should feel much more native to developers who are familiar with command line experiences in the bash environment for Linux and macOS with simple commands that have smart defaults for most common operations and that support lab completion and pipe-able output for interacting with other text-parsing tools like grep, cut, jq and the popular JMESpath query syntax,” Microsoft’s principal program manager Kamaljit Bath said in an official announcement.

Microsoft has added command modules for SQL server, DocumentDB NoSQL solution and Redis Cache. Additionally, there is an open source Apache Redis in-memory database technology that simplifies the memory management. The tool allows users server administrators to spin up and scale Azure Container Service cluster to manage and scale virtual machines.

New solutions for optimised analytic clusters and big data

In addition to the new Azure CLI, Microsoft has announced the preview of Azure HDInsight 3.6 and Apache Spark 2.1. Azure Data Sync now also supports PowerShell and REST API to bring supply bidirectional data synchronization services between SQL databases.


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