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GitHub launches hosted service to serve enterprises with cloud


GitHub hosted service

More than nine years after being a one-stop code repository solution for the open source community, GitHub is finally taking a sharp turn to support enterprises. The new development is a hosted service by the company to let enterprise some large companies opt for a cloud solution to store their code.

GitHub previously had three workflow plans, namely Developer, Team and Business. But taking the fast adoption of cloud in mind, the San Francisco, California-based company has now expanded its Business package with the hosted version. The new offering brings SAML single sign-on, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, real-time support on business days and guaranteed uptime. All this comes at a monthly charge of $21 per user.

GitHub cloud
GitHub develops a cloud plan

“With direct access to our developer community and growing platform of integrators, teams can scale and work more efficiently using the tools they need,” writes GitHub designer Connor Sears in a blog post.

The hosted version of GitHub is seemingly not designed for developers or enterprises. Nevertheless, it has a potential to attract companies with large capital and fewer resources.

GitHub considers that teams looking for GitHub Enterprise model with a private cloud access are the best fit for the new launch. The company is claimed to provide comparatively less time in administration through the hosted version alongside better security and high uptime.

New enterprise features

In addition to the model specific for large companies, GitHub has released Enterprise 2.9. The new Enterprise package includes enhancements in Pull Requests as well as a support for organisation-wide projects and some general improvements.

The hosted GitHub.com comes with the Enterprise 2.9 release. You can upgrade your existing package by going to the Settings page on the online repository platform.


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