CockroachDB 1.0 debuts with scaling and strong consistency across nodes



CockroachDB, a new open source, cloud-native SQL database, has reached to its first final release. The open source SQL database is built with horizontal scaling and strong consistency across nodes.

The parent company, Cockroach Labs, claims that CockroachDB 1.0 is the first cloud-native database solution. The first version is available in both basic and premium editions. Furthermore, the database is programmed to run as a distributed resource.

“CockroachDB earns its NewSQL strips by providing distributed SQL to accommodate ever-larger data sizes and multi-active availability, a new model for high availability (HA),” said Spencer Kimball, CEO of Cockroach Labs, in a statement.

Cockroach Labs is hoping that enterprises will pay for its production level database solution, which seems to be highly inspired by Google Cloud spanner. The open source solution supports most advanced functions like ACID transactions and SQL dialect. But most of these features are already available in SQL databases like MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

Upgraded experience

However, CockroachDB is claimed to deliver an upgraded experience through developments such as scaling and resilience like never before. The data in CockroachDB is stored at row level and then moved to nodes. The company is positioning the DB as a compliance solution. Notably, customers need not worry about where the data is saved.

The CockroachDB code for its enterprise edition is available on GitHub as the core project.

Option to negotiate license fee

Enterprises that use the software in production using CockroachDB will get 30 days to negotiate license fee and terms with the company. This approach will help the company get some adoption for its distinguished solution and accelerate its usage.

CockroachDB 1.0 may not be the fastest performing DB out there right now. Nevertheless, the features available in the v1.0 are quite promising.



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