Android O: What’s best we can expect from it

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Is Android O upon us? Well, maybe almost there. Although its first developer preview was released a few months back, Google is slowly giving hints about what they are doing with this new Android version.

Rumors suggest that the release of the full version will be most likely somewhere in September 2017, and that major updates will be launched during the Google I/O event in mid-May. Despite all the talks and rumors, we cannot conclude anything, unless Google speaks itself.

In the meantime, let us match the puzzle pieces to understand what Android O is all about.

A Glimpse at Android O

It is only weeks before Google I/O, but the tech giant has already dropped so many hints about Android O. In the very first move, developers got the chance to take a look and explore its multitude of features, which require a special developer support. While it was not mentioned how many of those features would be included in the final and official launch, there is just so much we can expect.


Perhaps the most noticeable feature that was included in the developer preview of Android O is in its settings panel. It was not only about the new shades or the new icon. The entire organisation of the settings UI looked smarter and completely revamped. By the looks of it, Google seems to be making navigation easier and quicker for users.


Google has always strived hard to ensure no malicious apps make their way onto your device. And in Android O, they probably worked harder. Why? Whenever you install a new app from an unknown source, you will be asked an explicit permission to ensure no hidden applications are added.


On some devices other than Google Pixel and Nexus range, we have been able to alter the shortcuts for some features like voice assistants and camera to apps. But in the forthcoming Android O, Google will allow us to take advantage of that feature, too. In the lock screen settings, there will be an option that lets you change your device’s left and right shortcuts to almost anything your heart desires. You can even create shortcuts for a plethora of options, including taking selfies and composing emails! Who does not want that, huh?

Battery Life

Whenever we purchase a device, one thing we always consider is the battery life. And for Android O, Google is taking things seriously and making changes to some functions of the operating system to reduce battery consumption.


Long gone are the days when we have to manually fill out the web forms that ask for our email address, phone number and other details. Google is now making things easier with an autofill API. That means if you are using a password manager, your device should be able to integrate your details into the field – allowing you to go in and out effortlessly.

Android Nougat vs. Android O

Pretty much everything you know about Nougat is still in Android O, only that you need to find it. As with Android Nougat, the notifications still look completely similar. The System UI Tuner also gives you control to tweak things based on your preferences. The lock screen even appears the same!

From what we can see, it looks like Google is shaping up Android O to work like Nougat, but in a much better way and along with lots of interesting features, starting from autofill APIs to amazing shortcuts! As the official launch of Android O nears, we will probably hear more from Google. So, stay tuned for details!



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