GitHub brings a marketplace for developers

GitHub Marketplace


A long time after serving the open source world with its repository platform, GitHub has finally developed an online store. The new development is designed to offer a new way for developers to discover and purchase tools.

Called GitHub Marketplace, the online platform includes apps that help you accomplish your development process and customise your workflow flawlessly. You can use the listed apps without requiring multiple accounts or payments. Furthermore, there are various integrations that host development apps range from continuous integration to project management and code review.

List your own apps to store

The platform initially includes renowned integrations such as Travis CI, Appveyor, Waffle, ZenHub, Sentry and Codacy. Notably, there is also an option to list your registered OAuth or GitHub on the store by submitting it to the GitHub team.

To qualify for the listing, you should build those tools that fulfill workflow needs using GitHub GraphQL and REST APIs.

Easier data access and support to automate workflow

GitHub has additionally brought GraphQL API that it originally built for internal use. The API helps you access the exact data you need for your projects by passing a single request. It also provides updates in the available data in a real time.

Further, GitHub Apps are available to automate your workflow using granular API permissions, web hooks and build bots.

The newest offerings announced by the GitHub team sharpen its competitive edge and make things difficult for other open source Git repository platforms including GitLab and SourceForge.


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