Fedora 26 beta gets delayed by one more week due to bugs



The release of Fedora 26 beta that got delayed multiple times in the past has now been postponed to further one week. The Linux operating system has received a NO-GO from the team due to noticing some bugs.

Jan Kurik, the platform and program manager at Fedora, has announced the delay in the release. The engineer revealed that while the Linux distribution was previously expected to release on May 30, it will be delayed by yet another week.

In the latest Go/No-Go meeting, the Fedora team has identified the missing RC and blocker bugs in the current release. This has made the Fedora team to delay the release by another week.

“Due to missing RC of Fedora 26 Beta release and presence of blocker bugs, we are delaying release of Fedora 26 Beta for one week,” said Kurik.

There will be one more Go/No-Go meeting on June 1 to check if the build is ready to be released.

Beta version in June

The current release schedule suggests that the beta will be pushed to public in the first week of June. However, the final build in the Fedora 26 development cycle will be finalised on June 20.

It is worth noting that since Fedora 26 has no fixed release cycle, if the team finds another set of blocking bugs, the public beta can be delayed few more weeks.


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