What happens to your data when cloud networks fail



Cloud networking can be extremely efficient in storing your data, especially when you have a large amount of it. Having your precious data kept on the cloud allows you to access it virtually anywhere in the world. With this, you are able to work on the go, since your information is always at your fingertips. However, while cloud networking is very impressive, it is not perfect. What happens to your data when a cloud network fails?

What Is cloud networking?

Before I talk about the dangers of a network failure, I want brief about what a cloud network actually is and clear up any confusion about it. When you use cloud networking, you are getting access to a third-party company’s servers. This means that instead of having to pay for maintenance, and server upgrades, you are essentially “renting” a share from another company that does all of that for you. These servers can be used to store files or to host applications that you use for business or personal reasons.

Safety of clouds

Some people feel uneasy about the idea that all their information is being stored in some distant location that maybe they have never seen before. Not only are you physically separated from the data servers, but also you are a bit disconnected virtually as well. You have to rely on the company to protect your information as you probably will not be able to monitor it 24/7. Recently, some companies have upped their safety procedures and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is safe from any virtual predators but the problems still remain.

Losing your files

Despite the fact that companies are improving their security, your files still are not guaranteed to be totally safe. Just like with anything else, cloud networks run into issues and can have errors. In fact, just recently in February 2017, CBS News reported that Amazon, the largest provider of cloud services in the United States, ran into some errors with their network that caused widespread outages. Clients were unable to access applications which caused problems for their businesses, and many worried that their files would be lost.

Businesses use cloud storage to host their applications, files and more. On a personal level, people primarily use the cloud to store media content such as pictures and music. All of these things have financial and/or sentimental value, and losing them could potentially be catastrophic. Although companies are typically able to recover any lost files, the possibility of losing your virtual valuables certainly always exists.

What you can do

If you are at all familiar with cloud networking, then you probably already know just how important it is to back up your information. In fact, many people rely on the cloud to do just that. If you are worried about losing your data, my recommendation to you would be to create a second backup using an external hard drive that you can physically keep with you. That way, if the cloud fails and your primary storage also goes down, you will still have the files that are important to you stored away.

The moral of the story is that while technology continues to produce fantastic tools like cloud networks, issues will always come up. Ask yourself: do you feel safe relying totally on the cloud network to store your files?


  1. One thing to mention here..though cloud security is at risk sometimes..but still cloud service providers have backups in multiple locations and recent Amazon’s issue is not related to network outage..its a small error in system which even costed to companies a lot more loss than expected…If we take these things to consideration cannot be in cloud computing anymore..also every CSP SLA give every thing in detail…I am not opposing this..if you want to back up your data its a good thought but what if enterprise companies of TB’s of data..Don’t worry much about your data…companies are at your door step to serve you..btw i am not opposing this post..but letting you know…Have your ever seen any instances of losing your data from Google drive?? I guess its 1000% NO..Also info here is very useful


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