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Chrome OS gets a new power management settings

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Chromebook owners can now finally keep their machines awake even when the lid is closed. Google is upgrading the experience by bringing new power management settings for controlling the Chromebook’s lid behavior.

Google developer François Beaufort has shared the screenshot of the new power management settings in a Google+ post. The screenshot highlights the settings for controlling power management behavior. “We can control whether our device goes to sleep or stays awake when the lid is closed and choose between “turn off display and sleep” (default), “turn off display” and “keep display on” when idle,” explains Beaufort.

Chrome OS new power manage
Screenshot detailing the new power management settings on Chrome OS
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The new Power management controls are available in the latest Canary channel. Therefore, you can test these settings on your Chromebook from the Canary experimental channel.

If you don’t want to install the testing version, you can download the “Stay Awake” Chrome extension to enhance power management.

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Rajat Kabade
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