Python 3.6 becomes a supported version for Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak


Canonical has brought Python 3.6 as a supported version for the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Ardvark) release. The latest development emerges amid the ongoing Python 3.6 transition, which is aimed to deliver an advanced programming experience to Ubuntu users.

“Python 3.6 is now a supported version in the Artful release, and almost packages that build C extensions have been rebuilt,” Canonical’s development team writes in a blog post.

While Canonical engineers have developed the Python supported version for the next Ubuntu version, it still includes some failures. Nevertheless, there are plans to make Python 3.5 the default version.

Netplan project implementation

Canonical’s team is also in development to bring Netplan project by default on Ubuntu 17.10. This new move removes the clutter in the networking configuration of the open source platform and enables a unified way to configure a network.

Ubuntu 17.10 is scheduled for October 19. Alongside the Python 3.6 supported and Netplan implementation, the platform will include Linux kernel 4.13 to uplift the present computing model.


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