Linus Torvalds releases last Linux kernel 4.12 RC



Linus Torvalds has announced the last RC of Linux 4.12 series. The small patch comes with a minimal changelog.

Considering original schedule of the Linux 4.12 development, we can expect the final release next week. Meanwhile, the final RC update has emerged with just a handful of minor changes.

The seventh and the last Linux kernel 4.12 RC brings a bunch of improvements to the kernel build. The big part of the changelog is some driver improvements. The development team has updated networking, SCSI target, GPU, HID, input, PINCTRL sound and block drivers.

Rest of the update includes hardware architecture changes in PowerPC and small fixes to ARM64 (AArch64), s390, MIPS and x86. The RC7 also comes generic networking fixes and changes to core kernel and scripts. Besides, the kernel maintainer has added a stack hole patch from the previous RC as well.

You can download the Linux kernel 4.12 RC7 source tarball from the website.

If we believe the mailing list announcement, Torvalds is planning to modify the final build based on the received feedback for the last RC. You, therefore, should test the latest RC build to set a stable future for the next-generation Linux.


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