SoftBank deploys open source network operations system

SoftBank open source network operations system based on OpenDaylight


Japan’s leading telecommunications and Internet giant SoftBank has favoured open source for building its new network operations system. The Tokyo-headquartered company has partnered with Slovakia-based FRINX to deploy OpenDaylight behind its system — with a focus to create new applications.

“Open source has become the de-facto standard for developing new applications in the networking space, and SoftBank is one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry leveraging that trend,” said FRINX co-founder and CEO Gerhard Wieser.

FRINX has provided its fully-supported version OpenDaylight SDN controller that helps SoftBank develop new applications to manage its networks. Alongside the support, the 13-member startup is providing quality assurance and performance enhancements to the code base and manages the up-streaming process.

The latest development is the first major step by SoftBank towards the fast-growing open source world. It would also help FRINX boost its market presence over time.


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