Unotech’s Felicity Platform to Simplify Problem Ticket Conversion


Without human intervention, Felicity system automatically recognises repeated problems faced by customers and creates problem tickets to resolve them

Unotech announces a new product, Felicity Platform that can resolve repeated issues based on the subject / IP / Hostname. This new open source platform possesses a simple user interface and allows customers to get their issues solved without any human intervention. It helps customers to get their tickets re-opened for issues that were marked resolved in the past thereby enabling the system to be used for dynamic cases.

Problem ticket conversion and automatic service request closure

Felicity helps users who face repeated issues based on the subject / IP / Hostname for a particular period of time to create problem tickets. When a new incident is reported on the same problem that was marked resolved before, the system automatically re-opens the problem ticket. Customers can raise requests via service catalogue and in cases where no human intervention is needed to resolve the problem ticket, the same can be configured to address the request and close it.

Ease of deployment and predefined ITIL templates for ITSM

The user interface of Felicity Platform is simple and users have many options to make changes in its administration activities from the front-end itself without needing to make changes on the code level. This enables the system to be modified for dynamic uses.

The system has pre-configured templates for Incident, Problem, Change and Service Request Management, which follow the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) process guidelines for ITSM (IT Service Management). These templates are powered by the Process Management workflow engine.

Configuration Item database and analytics

The Open Source platform internally finds the location of ‘the asset’ (the reason behind the problem ticket) as part of its ‘Configuration Item’ database and connects it to the incident ticket. Customers can configure their system to solve the problem and close the ticket once the asset starts functioning again without any human intervention.

Felicity processes a huge amount of information that can later be analysed using the Analytics module. Users can self-extract reports in multiple formats using conditions. They can also extract static reports and review the data.


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