IT Transformation Becomes More Cost Effective and Secure with SUSE Manager 4

  • SUSE Manager 4 simplifies management of open source infrastructure from Edge to Core to Cloud
  • SUSE Manager for Retail helps reduce costs, optimize operations and ensure compliance across retail IT infrastructure.


SUSE has come up with two new tools to help enterprises better manage their software-defined infrastructure: SUSE Manager 4 and SUSE Manager for Retail 4 open source infrastructure management solutions.

They are designed to help enterprise DevOps and IT operations teams reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets, increase efficiency while meeting security policies, and optimize operations via automation to reduce costs, the company said.

“As SUSE helps enterprise customers transform to software-defined infrastructure so they can continue to innovate, compete and grow in today’s markets, we also provide the tools they need to efficiently manage and operate their mixed environments,” said Daniel Nelson, SUSE vice president of Products and Solutions.

“SUSE Manager manages physical, virtual and containerized systems across edge, core and cloud environments, all from a single centralized console. It’s part of the IT transformation that lowers costs, reduces complexity and boosts business agility,” he added.

SUSE Manager 4

As a key component of a software-defined infrastructure, SUSE Manager 4 allows enterprises to:

  • Reduce costs and simplify management with enhanced content lifecycle management that makes it easier to move and manage packages throughout the DevOps cycle. Salt-based virtual machine management allows near real-time management of hundreds of servers.
  • Increase availability and visibility with expanded monitoring and alerting capabilities built on the next-generation Prometheus-based monitoring stack. This enables customers to easily identify and resolve issues.
  • Reduce complexity and regain control of complex heterogeneous IT environments with expanded operating system support and new SAP HANA deployment capabilities. They make it easier than ever to install and configure SAP HANA.

SUSE Manager for Retail 4

Tailored specifically for the retail industry, SUSE Manager for Retail helps reduce costs, optimize operations and ensure compliance across retail IT infrastructure.

“Organizations that rely on multiple Linux distributions often face numerous management challenges as the complexity and scale of their enterprise environments increase. Consistent, automated configuration compliance and control is particularly important for maintaining the levels of performance and security demanded by mission-critical applications that serve large numbers of end users,” said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president for Cloud Management at IDC.


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