Expanding The Potential Of Open Source Spinnaker With New Armory Plugins


Users can scale Spinnaker more quickly, safely, and consistently thanks to Armory.

Armory, a Continuous Deployment (CD) firm, has released a number of plugins for Spinnaker that are intended to make Spinnaker faster and more secure. Spinnaker is a strong open source, multi-cloud Continuous Deployment tool.

Spinnaker can assist teams in consistently, swiftly, and safely deploying software. Nevertheless, handling the expanding number of accounts, configurations, credentials, resources, and infrastructure overhead needed for large-scale installations raises technical and financial hurdles for the platform.

It might take a lot of time and effort to ensure operational compliance when using a variety of deployment technologies and settings. Latency, complexity, fragility, and high costs result from manual management or custom tools. Armory is releasing four new plugins that are 100 percent compatible with open source Spinnaker to address these issues for large and medium-sized companies equally.

Scale Agent – This plugin lowers infrastructure overhead and costs while enabling teams to manage all Kubernetes deployments quickly, safely, and dynamically. For all Armory Essentials and above packages, it is currently available.

Policy Engine – Using the policy engine plugin lowers operational risk, improves stability, and speeds up the implementation of cutting-edge DevSecOps techniques. For all Armory Essentials and above packages, it is currently available.

Pipelines-as-Code – To interface, configure, and automate pipeline definitions as code, development teams can combine continuous deployment pipelines with application development. Arriving soon.

Secrets Manager – For source control repeatability and maintenance, sharing setups in Git repositories is appropriate. To enhance the Spinnaker Secrets Manager experience, Armory is developing native integrations with HashiCorp Vault, Google Cloud Storage, and AWS Secrets Manager. Arriving soon.

These plugins give further functionality to Armory’s Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted and Managed solutions and are offered as Premium plugins for open source Spinnaker in the company’s commercial packages. In 2023, additional Spinnaker-improving features are anticipated.


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