Microsoft Stretches Azure AI’s Open Source Capabilities


The IT giant published a number of improvements, including ones for machine learning base models and cloud-native apps.

Microsoft recently unveiled a number of new developer-focused features at its Azure Open Source Day 2023. According to the business, these features make it possible for programmers to create sophisticated applications rapidly.

First, Microsoft has revealed a public preview of brand-new vision services that support the development of computer vision applications for a variety of markets. Many services are offered by Vision Services, including video summarising, smart cropping, background removal, image search, and automatic captioning. In order to assist users with real-time notifications, environment analysis, and movement monitoring, Microsoft has also included additional AI controls.

Microsoft stated its intentions to introduce the Azure Machine Learning basis models. Users of the new service will be able to deploy open-source foundation models that have already been trained for a variety of machine learning applications, including multi-modality and natural language processing. Users are no longer need to manually manage and optimise dependencies. Microsoft has unveiled two new open-source tools to promote the use of ethical AI techniques. Errors in Machine Learning models can be more easily mitigated thanks to the Responsible AI Mitigations Library.

Lastly, users can access models, code, and visualisation artefacts within the same framework thanks to the Responsible AI Tracker addon. Microsoft asserts that it ought to hasten the process of model interaction and evaluation.


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