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Open Source Libraries From Fiberplane Help Developers With Metrics In The Observability Stack


A new set of open source libraries that let developers benefit from metrics in the observability stack were just released, according to collaborative notebook startup Fiberplane BV.

The libraries, known as Autometrics, were created to address the problem that current observability tools demand complex configurations written in the programming language YAML, which is frequently used for authoring configuration files. YAML is a programming language for human-readable data serialisation. Few developers use metrics in their production environments because doing so makes their jobs harder rather than easier.

By incorporating the data into Integrated Development Environments, Fiberplane’s Autometrics is intended to increase accessibility and make it simpler for developers to comprehend production systems. It is simpler to transition from code to production data since the metrics are related to specific functions. Developers can be sure they are viewing the right data whenever they query their data thanks to the libraries.

Autometrics is said to offer a distinctive and more developer-focused approach while leveraging Prometheus and OpenTelemetry. The service also comes with a brand-new dashboard that offers a summary of the system’s live state.

Other advantages include making it simpler for developers to monitor any function’s error rate, response time, and latency. Developers don’t have to manually construct complex searches because the service generates PromQL queries for them, allowing them to grasp the data generated.

Developers can go from looking at their code to looking at the real-time data for a function by using it to include links to live charts directly into the document comments for each function. Additionally, it makes it simpler for developers to define effective warnings using best practises for service-level objectives.

When Fibreplane began a public beta test of their real-time communication platform for site reliability engineers in November, the company made headlines at the time. Venture capitalists Crane Venture Partners Ltd., Northzone Ltd., Notion Capital Ltd., Base Case Capital LLC, and System One Holdings LLC are among those who have invested in the company.



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