“Open-Source Professionals are Welcome at Impetus”

Vineet Tyagi, senior director, engineering, Impetus
Vineet Tyagi, senior director, engineering, Impetus
Vineet Tyagi, senior director, engineering, Impetus
Vineet Tyagi, senior director, engineering, Impetus
If you think there is a dearth of financially viable opportunities in the world of FOSS, think again! Organisations like Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd welcome IT professionals with exposure to the open source world. The company is planning to hire approximately 400 IT professionals, and since Impetus works a lot on open source technology, it will be looking to hire people with expertise in this domain. LINUX For You spoke to Vineet Tyagi, senior director, engineering, Impetus, about the Indian FOSS ecosystem, and the company’s contribution to it. A few excerpts…

Could you share more details related to the opportunities that exist at Impetus for Linux and open source experts?

We are looking to hire about 400 IT professionals, as per our growth plans. These appointments will be for our Noida, Noida SEZ, Indore and Bengaluru offices. We presently have quite a few projects in exciting technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile phones and social media.

Out of the 400 to be hired, a major chunk, about 20-30 per cent, will be freshers. We are planning campus recruitments very soon. The rest, of course, will be lateral hiring. Impetus is refraining from organising any walk-ins, as this practice does not work for the company.

Why is there such a thrust on adopting Linux and open source by IT companies?

Since Impetus works a lot on open source technology, most of the hiring will be of IT professionals with exposure to open source. Moreover, a shift from proprietary software is the trend of the times. Most of our clients look for open source technology because it tends to reduce the cost of the project. The licensing cost of proprietary software is eliminated. Hence, we are looking for almost 240 professionals with exposure to open source technology.

Most of the engineers at the Impetus Labs contribute in some fashion to FOSS. We would always welcome FOSS professionals to join us.

Is the demand for Linux and open source experts in the IT industry on the rise?

The use of FOSS technologies is on the rise. This will naturally result in an increased requirement of experts in this area.

What kind of skillsets should FOSS experts possess?

The key skills of FOSS experts should be (beyond technology proficiency) versatility and a good understanding of the ecosystem.

Do you feel Linux and FOSS can add value to the process of project/product development? Do mention a few advantages of using Linux/FOSS platforms or technology tools.

Yes, definitely. Linux and FOSS can add value to the process of project and product development in many ways. One of the biggest challenges that any project faces, relates to its completion on time. For helping product engineers and project heads in addressing this challenge, the FOSS ecosystem offers many pre-built packages/components/software, using which they can reduce the time of product development and ensure timely completion of projects.The key to successfully use this strategy lies in identifying appropriately licensed free and open source software for use in projects.

So, if we sum up, among the many advantages of using Linux/FOSS in project/product development, the key ones are: 1) reduction in total cost of ownership and product development, leading to cheaper cost of products; 2) higher quality of products; 3) and faster completion of projects.

Do you look for certified professionals when you make recruitments?

No, we don’t!

There is a misconception that there is no money to be made in building a business around FOSS. Could you tell our readers how open source enthusiasts can make money working in the open source space?

This is a myth! One can look at Red Hat and several other companies that have built large businesses around the FOSS ecosystem. In general, one can also adopt a dual-source model to establish a viable business around FOSS.



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