We’re investing in India because of market opportunities and tech sophistication: Black Duck CMO


Bob Canaway

Black Duck CMO Bob Canaway says that as some of the biggest and the most important companies in the world are developing software in India, it’s a natural fit for his company to be here.

Black Duck has started considering India as one of its focus markets to offer open source security. On his latest trip to India, Bob Canaway, CMO of Black Duck, stated that the Indian market is playing a vital role in the growth of open source solutions.

Canaway said that India helps the development of software through giant players in the market. Thus, Black Duck quite high investment plans for the Indian market space.

“We’re investing in India because of its market opportunities and tech sophistication. Some of the biggest and the most important companies in the world are developing software in India, so it’s a natural fit for Black Duck to be here and help them with their open source security and management,” Canaway said in an exclusive conversation with Open Source For You.

Asked about Black Duck’s participation in the ongoing government campaigns, Canaway said that his company is supportive of the government initiatives and is set to help with new developments.

“Starting a business today and getting to market quickly requires the use of open source. That’s true not only in India but also across the globe. Our free OpenHub project is a resource Black Duck provides to help startups and other companies responsibly choose open source software,” Canaway told Open Source For You.

On the recent partnership with Red Hat, Canaway said that his company offers “excellent visibility” into containers and provides a robust solution to patch vulnerabilities.

“While our competitors can only tell you that there could be vulnerabilities in the container, we can show whether there are real vulnerabilities or if they’ve already been patched. And then we monitor everything over the lifecycle of the container. All of this helps Red Hat’s customers ensure that their containers are free from licence and security risks,” he said.

Black Duck has direct sales in India in addition to its partnership with major IT companies such as IBM, Red Hat and HP. The Burlington, Massachusetts-based company, is one of the leading software providers to secure and manage open source solutions.

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