TheSSS Linux gets new kernel and Apache to upgrade servers



The Smallest Server Suite (popular as TheSSS Linux) has received an update to enhance your server experience. This new version comes with Linux kernel 4.4.14 LTS.

Based on 4MLinux Server 19.0, TheSSS 19.0 has an all new LAMP package. This includes the new Linux kernel as well as Apache 2.4.23, MariaDB 10.1.16 and PHP 5.6.25.

TheSSS Linux
TheSSS Linux now with upgraded LAMP package

TheSSS Linux comes as a lightweight sever suite distribution to offer system administrators a niche set of server software. It supports servers such as FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH and Telnet among others. Moreover, there is support for proxy server (Polipo) with the Tor anonymiser to offer an advanced package for various server developments.

You can get the updated TheSSS as a single ISO image, which is compatible with both 64- and 32-bit hardware architectures. It is available for download directly through the 9MLinux website.


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