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TheSSS Linux gets new kernel and Apache to upgrade servers

The Smallest Server Suite (popular as TheSSS Linux) has received an update to enhance your server experience. This new version comes with Linux kernel...

Use Jenkins as an Android App Development Framework

This is a continuation of our article "Getting Started with Jenkins". Jenkins plays an important role in Android app development since it has an...

The Making of the SUSE Brand in India

SUSE dreamt of making it big in India and has succeeded in doing so, over a period when people were still apprehensive about open...

Tips and tricks for using two factor Authentication Technology

Single password protection techniques, while a well-used and ancient method of protecting access to information or location, are no longer something that can guarantee...

Introducing Samba 4 Now, Even More Awesomeness

Samba 4 has been in development for a long time but an official first release is imminent, the developers say. Its biggest feature is...