Zeiss set to build open source file reader for whole slide imaging

Whole Slide Imaging

Whole Slide Imaging

Optics giant Zeiss has partnered with Glencoe Software to develop its open source file reader for whole slide imaging. The new partnership will help researchers and clinical pathology labs develop their whole slide images compressed with JPEG XR compression scheme.

Unlike developing an all new product, Zeiss is aiming to extend the existing open source Bio-Formats image file conversion library to support whole slide images. This new solution will work similar to the company’s Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 virtual slide scanner.

“We are pleased to have this fruitful cooperation to realise JPEG XR compression as an asset for our users and the whole community,” said Thorsten Heupel, product manager for digital pathology, Zeiss, in a statement.

The deal between Zeiss and Washington-based Glencoe Software will bring native support for files compressed with JPEG XR to Bio-Formats. It will include the open source distribution of Bio-Formats to help researchers, pathologists and image specialists.

“We are particularly excited that the software we build in this collaboration will be available for anyone to download and use. This is a great example of how industrial partners can work together and build important capabilities that benefit the global scientific and pathology imaging communities,” remarked Dr. Jason Swedlow, founder and president of Glencoe Software.


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