FB strengthens its commitment for Open Source with Docusaurus


As part of its commitment to the open source community, Facebook has unveiled Docusaurus. It is an open source toolkit that lets users and teams publish documentation websites without having to worry about the infrastructure and design details.

Docusaurus claims to be an easy-to-maintain open source documentation tool that uses Markdown to help users write docs and blog posts. The primary function of Docusaurus is to publish a set of static HTML files, ready to upload onto a server for public viewing.

Banking upon open source, Docusaurus enables developers to customise their project’s layout, reusing the same header and footer. While we’re not that familiar with the technology, the feature has many developers praising it: “The easiest React static site generators. Unlike Gatsby and Next, there is no need to fiddle with any real code/complicated API just to get a Markdown blog working,” says one of them.

Docusaurus comes with a couple of other very useful perks as well. There’s localisation that comes preconfigured with support for over 70 languages. There’s also versioning support, and document search, so that you can easily trace the document you wish to update or consult.

As we mentioned earlier, this is not the first time Facebook releases toolkits and products to the open source community for further development and broader adoption.     Read more…


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