Artificial Intelligence: Success of Natural Language Generation(NLG)


Long years back the Manpower is the only resource if any of the tasks need to be completed in any type of industry. When years passes the new inventions has been discovered to produce the larger number of product’s in less time which can’t be done by the humans i.e. Machines requires small amount of time, at this part of time Machines, came into the task, which reduces the work of humans and saves lot’s of time.

Everything is going fine but if any task done by the machine it needs to be given some instruction so that it can complete its task which can’t be done on its own. To overcome all the issues Artificial intelligence came into the action. In this, we will discuss Artificial intelligence and the interesting subtopic of AI i.e.Natural Language Generation(NLG).

Need to know which the fastest growing trending technology around the world then your answer is Artificial Intelligence(AI) yes it is the hot buzzword right now this is because of every industry need manpower where they use to teach them what is the work to be done and the work is also not that accurate, so keeping this mind they have created a robots(machines) where they can replace by the humans in some areas of the industry. Example – recognize the voices, expert systems & machine vision…etc. In this process, it includes learning, reasoning & Correcting on its own. We can start with some basics but need to know by everyone who needs to know about Artificial Intelligence(AI).

First, we know about, What is Artificial Intelligence? – Artificial Intelligence can be described as human Intelligence performed by any machine. Here are some examples where we use AI in real-time scenarios, we all know “SIRI” by Apple which gives instructions whenever user ask any information(it comes under voice recognition where machine understands and replies back to the user) and also used in 3D gaming(Motion Games)…etc.

Now we can see, What is Natural Language Generation(NLG)? – Natural Language Generation is the sub-topic of Artificial Intelligence, It is defined as the process of giving a data as an input and generates languages as output is known as NGL. Most of the enterprise acceptance NGL. The main Advantage of Natural Language Generation software it can read, write n number of pages in a shorter period. The process goes in this form human-to-machine(input) & machine-to-human(output). NGL is often used for research on programming codes of the computer. It is much faster software which gives live blogs and live news on the internet.

Most of the companies use Natural Language Processing(NLP) not as Natural Language Generation confusing(NLG) right don’t worry even Forbes has been confused which is clearly seen in this link! NLG & NLP both this are subtopics for Artificial Intelligence. Now let’s look what’s the difference between NLP & NLG and we can conclude both are different from each other.

First, let’s look into software architecture of speech recognition by Artificial Intelligence.

Our experts say Natural Language Processing(NLP) is used to focus to intake analytic text data whereas Natural Language Generation(NLG) is used to produce (sound) electronically for the texted content and gives back the natural language as an output. Let’s make the sentence simple NLP is used for “Reading”( looks for the language and finds the idea to be communicated) where as NLG is for “Writing”(i.e.It decodes the ideas that are locked picks the right one and turns it into a language and speaks), I hope you guy’s got the point.

Prospective of Natural Language Generation

The main aim of Natural Language Generation(NLG) is to make users day to day life very easy and efficient manner. Most of the enterprise is catching up with NLG, When we use NLG the information is same but the interaction way is different. With the help NLG we can know the status of our work, home, health…etc this all can be done through the power of Natural Language Generation, By this future is made very easy with Natural Language Generation. It can also generate descriptions automatically for a metrics surfaced in its BI Reporting tool.The Objective of Natural Language Generation

Customers always used to connect ideas with data. But they need to detonation the data it should be analyzed and explained, coupled with increasing pressures to reduce costs and meet customer demands. When a machine is automated it does the work gave i.e. to analyze and communicate the given task, due to which the productivity increases so that the employees can concentrate on more on high-value works which lead to company growth. Big data is the largest trading technologies around the world where they use Natural Language Generation(NLG) Artificial intelligence(AI).

Note: “NLG is not about the language but about handling the growing number of insights”

Natural Language Generation Advantages

In today’s world, Every company needs to grasp the uses of Artificial intelligence and benefits from them. Now we look out for some advantages of natural language generation.

  • The main and basic use of NLG capability to convert the data into readable narratives understood by humans.

  • Content Creation is done automatically.

  • Users get data delivery in the expected format.

  • Human Involvement is reduced

  • Anticipating Inventory Management

  • Performance Activity Management at Call Centre


After the Artificial intelligence(AI) came into the market humans are communicating with the machine with the help of Natural Language Generation(NLG) which leads to seeing a new level of the world. Most of the enterprises searching to deploy robust and dedicated Natural Language Generation based conversational interfaces into their product. Artificial intelligence is going to play a huge role in the upcoming years here we discussed the goals of NLG which leads Artificial intelligence to satisfy their customers.


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