Cocos Raises $50 Million To Expand Its Open Source Game Engine


Cocos Technology has announced a $50 million funding round to support the development of its open source Cocos Creator game engine. Cocos is a platform for creating 2D games for mobile devices and other platforms that has been around for a long time. With a new version of the Cocos game engine, which traces its roots back a decade to Cocos2d-x, it also included its first all-in-one 3D engine and editor last year.

Cocos has been utilised by over 1.4 million developers to date, and it is used in over 100,000 games available in app stores. And the engine is used in games by over 1.6 billion users.

CCB Trust, GGV Capital, Agora, and others are among the investors. Cocos will use this round of funding to continue to expand the engine’s fundamental technology and push the engine’s greater integration into numerous industries, including gaming, autos, education, XR, home design, architectural engineering design, and other future ventures.

Cocos stated that it is dedicated to offering developers with more convenient creation tools, dependable technical solutions, and a diverse range of goods and services for consumers across industries.

Cocos, a Beijing-based digital interactive content development platform, was founded in 2010. The Cocos engine is a widely used open source engine. Cocos has spent years developing the technology that underpins its goods and services, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

The business sends out invoices. Cocos Creator is a cross-platform interactive digital content development engine that is quick and simple to use. It’s both a strong game production tool and an open source engine that can suit the creative needs of a wide range of developers and engineers.

Cocos Creator 3.1 was officially published in May 2021. Cocos and Huawei’s HiSilicon team collaborated on the engine’s underlying facilities, making it China’s first “chip + engine” collaboration. The Huawei HiSilicon GPU team donated a deferred rendering pipeline, and the PhysX physical backend is supported in this version.

The Cocos engine is widely used and known internationally, and it covers all market sectors. China has a 40% stake of the worldwide mobile game market, whereas the global mobile game market has a 30% share. The Cocos engine has been utilised by Tencent, NetEase, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and other prominent game developers to build and launch their games.

The Cocos engine has evolved from its origins in mobile games to become a more ubiquitous tool in a variety of industries. Cocos is also being used in the realm of smart cars to establish functional interaction in many circumstances between people and vehicles, as well as vehicles and the outside environment. In the near future, multi-modal interactive smart cockpit solutions based on the Cocos 3D rendering engine will be released.

Cocos released the Cocos ICE courseware editor for education enterprises in online education. This is an interactive courseware editor that can be utilised without scripting in a matter of minutes. It may be tweaked and has a high level of interoperability. In this new online education industry, Cocos today controls more than 90% of the Chinese market.

Baidu released the metaverse product “Xi Rang” toward the end of 2021 to speed up the formation of the metaverse. Cocos has recently joined Baidu as a partner, offering a technical basis for the metaverse. Over time, the two sides will work together to create a metaverse universe.



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