Alinto Makes An Open Source Investment By Acquiring SOGo Webmail


Alinto, a European provider of email services and security solutions, is now the go-to source for SOGo, an opensource webmail. As of May 20, 2022, the editor offers both support and cloud hosting for the opensource webmail SOGo. The software, which was created in 1998 by a German company, was acquired in 2009 by Inverse Inc (Montreal) and is now supported by a global community of 1,450 people. It has over 25,000 deployments. In addition to webmail, Alinto provides a full solution with an administration tool, which is expected by customers who are attached to opensource solutions, such as the editor of the collaborative platform Jamespot.

GAFAM messaging companies have a sovereign alternative. Alinto has been consolidating its position as an international player in secure professional messaging for several years. Alinto’s participation in the SOGo webmail confirms the company’s desire to provide its customers with a European, opensource, and sovereign alternative to GAFAM. The fact that the project is open source was an additional selling point for the editor. Alinto has always wanted to create an opensource solution. This is an excellent opportunity to launch a solution that benefits from a large community and active contributors, as well as years of experience ensuring its dependability.

For the Alinto teams, opensource provides customers with the option of digital sovereignty as well as the willingness to provide a serious alternative to GAFAM. Many Alinto customers (international operators, local governments, private sector businesses, etc.) have already chosen SOGo.

SOGo @ Alinto: professional support and services

Alinto joins the SOGo community to propose a supported, complete, powerful, and scalable webmail solution, eager to propose exhaustive and opensource solutions. Above all, the SOGo webmail is an interface that requires specialist integration. Alinto will provide these additional services beginning in May 2022. Finally, two products are available:

  • SOGo webmail: free download of SOGo version 5, maintenance integration, and development in exchange for a commercial offer.
  • SOGomail by Alinto: a secure mail server for businesses looking for a recognised European alternative.


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