Open Source Headless Drupal Accelerator Comes Into Being


Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit reduces the time it takes to construct a Drupal application by up to 50%, hastening time to market.

Acquia has announced an open source, headless starter kit for its Acquia CMS content management system. The new headless beginning kit adds to the existing Acquia CMS options, enabling businesses to speed up the development of conventional Drupal applications. The Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit provides developers with the resources they need to shorten the time to market, lower operating expenses, and increase their flexibility to quickly introduce new digital initiatives. At its customer and partner event, Acquia Engage, Acquia announced the new development kit to developers.

Numerous Acquia clients have previously developed hybrid and headless Drupal apps to produce cutting-edge digital experiences. Organizations may distribute information to more than just a typical web browser thanks to headless and hybrid architecture. Organizations can distribute content to digital signs, wearable technology, chatbots, mobile applications, kiosks, and more using a headless CMS architecture. With Drupal serving as the backend that supports one or more frontends, the Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit provides businesses with the resources they need to create cutting-edge headless or hybrid applications up to 50% faster. The Headless Starter Kit can be used by current Drupal users to expand their existing Drupal applications.

For businesses who want to distribute content via numerous API endpoints and contemporary JavaScript frontends, a headless strategy works effectively. Others could favour a hybrid strategy, which gives business users access to low-code and no-code tools for constructing applications while giving developers a similar API access. Organizations have the opportunity to select the best option for them thanks to Acquia CMS, which offers the best of both worlds.

To speed up the development of frontend applications that show content published in the headless CMS, Acquia has also released a Next.js Starter Kit to complement the Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit. Organizations are prepared to handle both the front and backend of their digital content experiences with the Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit and the Next.js Starter Kit.

The Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit’s main features are as follows:

  • Specialized Headless Developer Job: Frontend developers have a specific role within the CMS for obtaining API documentation and controlling access for frontend applications connecting to the CMS.
  • Content Preview for Marketers: From inside the CMS, users can preview content using their Next.js applications.
  • Omni-channel Made Easy: Connecting material to several frontends that connect via various channels.
  • Robust API Dashboard: A special dashboard for front-end developers to manage all headless integration features with the CMS.
  • Flexible Headless and Hybrid UI Modes: Users have the option to use a frontend that is still rendered by Drupal or a headless mode that is completely headless.
  • Simplified Data Modeling: A completely headless CMS makes sense when all the data modelling controls are brought together under a single menu by a revamped admin navigation.

Download the free Acquia CMS Headless Starter Kit, which is open source. Visit to find out more about Acquia CMS.


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