The Open Source EDA KiCad Package To Get Funds From Digi-Key


Electronic Design Automation (EDA) open source software package KiCad has stated that Digi-Key Electronics will match donations made to it.

The intention behind KiCad, according to its developers, is to offer “the best cross-platform electronics design application for professional electronics designers.” Its goal is to mask the complexity of sophisticated design elements so that it can still be used by novice users and satisfy the demands of experts.

The Schematic Editor in KiCad can handle a variety of designs, from simple schematics to intricate hierarchical designs with hundreds of sheets. Users can design their own unique symbols or choose from among the tens of thousands of approved KiCad symbols. With the integrated SPICE simulator and electrical rules checker, you can validate your design.

“We believe it’s important for design tools and resources to be easily accessible and user-friendly for engineers around the world, and KiCad is a great example of a free, open-source application that helps make professional electronics designers’ jobs easier,” said Cody Walseth, digital product owner at Digi-Key Electronics.

“We continue to be proud supporters of KiCad and the fundraising efforts that help them enhance their capabilities and bring their open-source software to even more engineers around the world.”


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