Apache Kafka’s Open Source Streaming Ecosystem Is Unveiled By Aiven


Aiven’s Apache Kafka portfolio is the first and only event streaming framework with a fully open source foundation. Customers can use open source data solutions from Aiven to generate business outcomes that actually affect the world.

With the most recent additions of its beta service of Aiven for Apache Flink®, a stream processing framework, and Klaw, a data governance solution for Apache Kafka, Aiven, the open source cloud data platform, today announced a robust- and fully open source real-time data ecosystem.

Aiven has emerged as the only genuine open source Apache Kafka service on the market after becoming the first to offer managed Apache Kafka in the cloud back in 2016. With the recent acquisition of Klaw, Aiven now offers a broad range of solutions and services built around Apache Kafka to enable customers to easily transmit, manage, process, run, and regulate the streaming data of their organisations in real-time.

With Aiven’s streamlined, genuinely end-to-end open source event streaming architecture, platform users can now access additional features. After purchasing Kafkawize, a self-service open source data governance platform for Apache Kafka, Aiven just unveiled Klaw in September 2022.

Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka includes the following open source streaming architecture in its entirety:

Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka includes the following open source streaming architecture in its entirety:

  • The fundamental event streaming architecture for Apache Kafka, Aiven, enables real-time data transfer for any enterprise. Your data streams can be reliably managed, operated, and transported all in one location with the option to interact with other Aiven services, cloud regions, and external systems.
  • Customers may seamlessly combine their current data sources and sinks with Aiven for Apache Kafka thanks to the distributed, fully managed, and completely open-source Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect service.
  • For Apache Kafka, Aiven MirrorMaker2 is a cluster-to-cluster distributed data replication service for disaster recovery, close proximity across several regions, and cloud providers. It is completely managed and open source.
  • An open source, fully managed streaming SQL engine for stateful stream processing over data streams is called Aiven for Apache Flink (beta).
  • Applications can use Karapace, a fully open source Kafka Schema Registry, to serialise and deserialize messages in common formats as AVRO, Protobuf, and JSON.
  • Klaw is an open source data governance solution that enables businesses to perform self-service Apache Kafka® topic and schema governance.

Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka unifies solutions, allowing users and developers to concentrate on what really matters: how to easily drive data results.

“We’ve been using a variety of solutions from Aiven for our event streaming needs, such as Aiven for Apache Kafka and Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect. The combination of Kafka from Aiven, its APIs, and the Terraform provider from Aiven, has enabled us to automate almost everything: configuration, deployment, and maintenance,” said Carlos Olmos, Senior Principal Software Engineer from Everactive, an IoT platform based on self-powered sensor devices and low-power wireless communication. “Aiven’s support and tooling around Kafka has empowered us to embrace Kafka at Everactive and harness the potential of our streaming data.”


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