Heptio Gimbal, a new open source project for enterprises


Heptio has announced the launch of a new open-source project, called Heptio Gimbal. The project will join the company’s existing stable of tools, like the cluster-recovery tool Ark and the Kubernetes cluster-monitoring tool Sonobuoy.

With a specific use case, this new tool, Heptio Gimbal, will be crucial to these selective number of users. The tool helps enterprises route traffic into both Kubernetes clusters and OpenStack deployments.

Heptio developed Gimbal together with Yahoo Japan subsidiary Actapio. Actapio approached them to help modernise Actapio’s infrastructure with Kubernetes. There was a condition attached there should be no change made in the legacy investments be it OpenStack or other back-end systems.

“Application delivery at scale is key to our business. We needed faster service discovery and canary deployment capability that provides instant rollback and performance measurement. Gimbal enables our developers to address these challenges, which at the macro-level helps them increase their productivity and optimize system performance,” said Norifumi Matsuya, CEO and President, Actapio.

Though, Gimbal uses many of Heptio’s existing open-source tools, as well as the Envoy proxy, but for now, Gimbal only supports one specific OpenStack release (‘Mitaka’ released in 2016). The team is working to add support for VMware and EC2 in the future.

Many enterprises now run these technologies in parallel, and while some are now moving beyond OpenStack and toward a more Kubernetes – centric architecture, they aren’t likely to do away with their OpenStack investments anytime soon.

Along with the new tool, the company announced growth in revenue by 140 percent from the last quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018. Its headcount quadrupled since the beginning of 2017.      Read more…


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