SUSE brings advanced Cloud Foundry Productivity to Kubernetes infrastructure


Recently, the Cloud Foundry Foundation, recognised SUSE Cloud Application Platform as a Certified Cloud Foundry distribution. The newly certified platform brings the advanced productivity of the Cloud Foundry model to Kubernetes.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is built with SUSE Linux Enterprise and is backed directly by SUSE. It helps organisations who have invested in Kubernetes infrastructure. The platform eases Cloud Foundry implementation and modern application delivery initiatives. The new Cloud Foundry certification offers customers with verified protection against Cloud Foundry vendor lock-in.

“Bridging open source communities, SUSE is bringing together the best of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies to create compelling new value for our customers,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE Chief Technology Officer. “SUSE’s continuing leadership as a provider of software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions is reflected in the innovation contained in SUSE Cloud Application Platform. Our Cloud Foundry certification signifies the importance to SUSE of interoperability across Cloud Foundry platforms and our commitment to upstream Cloud Foundry development.”

The platform also helps software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications. Unlike other Cloud Foundry offerings, SUSE Cloud Application Platform packages SUSE Cloud Foundry as a containerised distribution, managed by Kubernetes. Simplifying the deployment and management of  SUSE Cloud Foundry, it makes the platform more accessible to existing Kubernetes users.

Abby Kearns, Executive Director, The Cloud Foundry Foundation said, “SUSE continues to push our community to think and move in new and exciting directions. The recently certified SUSE Cloud Application Platform expands the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, creating more choice for enterprises.”

Customers can use new backup/restore capabilities to simplify recovery of the SUSE Cloud Foundry environment, including applications. They can also use them to migrate from one Cloud Foundry instance to another, moving between private and public cloud instances, for example, or between different Cloud Foundry distributions.

Microsoft and SUSE are aligned in making container technology easier to use for an enhanced enterprise developer experience. The approach SUSE has taken with Cloud Application Platform combines the acclaimed developer experience of Cloud Foundry with the industry-leading operational experience of Azure’s managed Kubernetes service. This gives Azure customers a seamless way to deploy and manage Cloud Foundry alongside native Kubernetes applications, all running on top of the same AKS cluster,” said Gabe Monroy, Lead Program Manager for Containers at Microsoft Corp.



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