Commvault-IBM Partnership to Enhance Data Management and Protection


A partnership in pursuit of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives

Commvault’s partnership with IBM may enable IBM Business Resiliency Services to provide its global customer base with a single powerful platform for managing, backing up, recovering, migrating and indexing of all their data, irrespective of its location being on-premises or in the cloud.

Assets for customers

The partnership will allow availability of Commvault software as a solution as well as a managed service. Customers can be offered to deploy the software on-premises, on infrastructure managed in IBM data centres and Cloud environments. These offerings can help healthcare customers to manage critical MEDITECH, Epic and other EHR data, as well as medical images, across their healthcare enterprise.

With the increasing amount and types of data strengthening the digital economy, the partnership aims at providing enterprises a simple and comprehensive data protection and management platform. It intends to reduce complexity in IT environments and enable digital transformation.

Progress in data management

The partnership may address the need to manage and protect cloud data, index and find data for eDiscovery and compliance purposes and implement other digital transformation initiatives that can reduce inputs and risks.

Customers may eventually use data as an asset by executing comprehensive ransomware, data protection and regulatory compliance strategies that allow them to back up, find, govern and quickly recover data throughout their organization from a centralized portal.

The partnership may empower customers with ways to maintain business continuity, streamline IT efforts and minimize cybersecurity and regulatory compliance risks. The integration of IBM and Commvault solutions for on-site or off-site data backup may eventually lead to a simplified business continuity model.



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