Suse Plans to Focus on Asia-Pacific as Independent Firm


Suse has beefed up its call centre operations in Singapore and hired more people in Indonesia and Thailand.

Open source software company Suse, which recently return to being an independent company following acquisition by growth investor EQT from Micro Focus for $2.5bn, is now looking towards Asia-Pacific to drive its growth this year.

The company plans to further boost its growing business in Asia by adding more headcount in emerging markets and strengthening call centre operations.

Andy Jiang, vice-president for Suse in Asia-Pacific and Japan, told Computer Weekly in Singapore, that the company is currently running its third largest engineering centre in Beijing, and has beefed up its call centre operations in Singapore.

Jiang revealed that the company has recently hired people in Indonesia and Thailand. However, he didn’t disclose specific headcount numbers.

Leading open source vendor for manufacturing industry

In the Asia-Pacific region, Suse serves customers across banking and financial services, telecoms, manufacturing and government. Suse is also the leading open source vendor for the manufacturing industry in India.

The company has teamed up with enterprise software supplier SAP to run SAP workloads, including the high-performance Hana in-memory database, on Suse’s open source software stack.

“In manufacturing, we work with SAP very closely in China, Singapore and India,” Jiang was quoted as saying.

Over the past eight years, Suse has achieved strong growth in Asia-Pacific. It is estimated that revenue from the region is three times the size it was when Suse became a business unit under Micro Focus in 2014.

Suse’s Asia-Pacific workforce has also grown more than twofold, with its system engineering team doubling in size. It also tripled the number of primary and dedicated support engineers and grew its sales force by 50 per cent.

The company is currently involved in more than 100 open source projects, supported by employees around the world.


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