EA Apps Can Run on Linux Due To CrossOver 23


Great news for Linux gamers, as the latest update to the commercial version of Wine for Linux now supports EA applications with the help of CrossOver 23. 

CrossOver 23 is bundled with Wine 8.0.1, incorporating over 5,000 updates from that release and numerous additional fixes. This enhances the variety of games and Windows desktop programs that can operate using the app and the Wine compatibility layer.

Mass Effect is one of the games supported.

The games now supported are Titanfall 2, Mass Effect and The Sims 4. However, the EA App for Steam will be needed to be installed in their ‘bottle’ for the required dependencies installation by CrossTie. CrpssOver 23 not only support the EA Apps on Linux but on macOS too. Support for DirectX 12 on CrossoOver 23 enables macOS users to run the games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Diablo IV.

Catering to the long-standing needs of the users, the CrossOver GUI now lets you uninstall applications in the updated version.




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