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We are always looking for experts to share their knowledge with the readers of Open Source For You magazine by writing articles on their areas of interest.

We cover a myriad of topics—networking, system administration, software development, embedded systems, and even hands-on tutorials for newbies. Following are a few article genres that top our list:

  • Tips & Tricks for software developers or IT implementers
  • Cool tweaks for FOSS enthusiasts
  • FOSS on Mobiles
  • Virtualisation
  • OpenJDK or Java on Linux
  • Open Solaris (software development and administration)
  • How can I do ‘that‘ on Linux
  • Reviews of latest open source tools

But, of course, we’re open to other topics also. So, if you’ve got an interesting idea, we look forward to hearing from you at osfyedit (at) efyindia (dot) com.

If you’re interested, then here’s the deal: there are a few basic steps that one has to follow before submitting an article. First of all, we need to know the article idea so that we can let you know whether it is relevant or not, or if we have already covered the same in a previous issue.

Once the idea is discussed upon and approved, you can send us a proposal of what you wish to include in the article or, in other words, the “Table of Contents” of the article (ToC). After that, you can email your article. A technical review of the article shall be done and the suitability of the same shall be intimated accordingly.

For your reference here are a few more documents:

  1. Editorial Guidelines (ODT file)
  2. Certificate (ODT file)
  3. Help us improve OSFY (ODT file)

Please feel free to contact us at osfyedit at efyindia dot com in case you have any queries.