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ADUPS Android malware hits Barnes and Noble devices

ADUPS, the Chinese Android firmware maker company that has been blacklisted by Google, has found to be compromising devices by Barnes and Noble. The...

Android malware ‘Gooligan’ breaches over a million Google accounts

Mobile device users are once again at high risk, as a new Android malware has emerged that breached over one million Google accounts since...

DressCode Android malware trojanises over 400 Google Play apps

DressCode malware family, which converts infected Android apps into proxy servers, has now reportedly trojanised more than 400 apps on Google Play Store. The...

Android malware found in over 40 apps on Google Play store

A dangerous Trojan is infecting over 400 Android apps. The malware, named DressCode, converts infected apps in proxy servers. Cybersecurity firm Check Point has identified...

Android malware uses Twitter to stealthily infect devices

A new Android malware has emerged that leverages Twitter accounts to infect devices. Called Android/Twitoor, the malware is active since July this year and...