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Pen Testing: Attacking a Vulnerable Metasploitable Machine

The Metasploitable framework is an open source framework created by the Rapid7 Metasploit team. It is used by many cyber criminals and ethical hackers...

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber-attacks?

  Since the advent of the internet, there have been cases of cyber attacks being reported left right and center. As the technology advances, so...

Five easy ways to protect your work from hackers

  The way media talks about hackers in 2017, it would be easy to believe they are under the floorboards just waiting for you to...

Ransomware protection for beginners: Tips for keeping hackers at bay

  When it comes to protecting your work from hackers, the task is getting harder and harder these days as cybercriminals continuously find new ways...

Modify-function-return-value hack! — Part 2

In my previous article on this topic, we discussed some guidelines on how to write a secure application in C. The article focused on...

Modify-function-return-value Hack! — Part 1

Sometimes it's helpful to think from a hacker's perspective. The information obtained can be used to write better code and a secure application. An...