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Which IT developers should learn Java programming

  Modern Android systems are coded using Java on the inside. This mere fact majorly gives away the authority of a Java programmer in the...

Unit Testing in Java Using the JUnit Framework

The JUnit Framework can be easily integrated with Eclipse. Unit testing accelerates programming speed. While software testing is generally performed by the professional software tester,...

Fundamental of Java Multi-threading

This article explains what threads are in Java. It elaborates on their uses and on how to implement them, while discussing their life cycle. In...

The CloudSim Framework: Modelling and Simulating the Cloud Environment

CloudSim provides a generalised and extensible simulation framework that enables seamless modelling and simulation of app performance. By using CloudSim, developers can focus on...

A Desktop Twitter Client in 15 Minutes

Twitter, the fun social-networking micro-blogging service, has taken the world by storm. Millions of "tweets" -- real-time text messages of up to 140 characters...