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Linux.MulDrop.14 trojan hits Raspberry Pi

  A new trojan named Linux.MulDrop.14 has started targeting Raspberry Pi. The trojan is designed to hit single-board computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Security researchers from Dr....

Linux.Proxy.10 trojan turns Linux devices into proxies for malicious traffic

Security experts have found a new trojan that targets Linux devices. Called Linux.Proxy.10, the trojan can transform infected machines into proxy servers to relay...

Mirai trojan aims to hit Linux-based IoT devices

While many ransomware and malware were targeting desktops in the past, a new trojan has emerged to hit Linux-based IoT devices in an uncomplicated...

New Linux trojan can transform your system into botnet

A new Linux trojan has emerged to create peer-to-peer (P2P) botnets directly on your system. This malware was initially spotted a Drupal ransomware to...